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Smart Meters

Which meter do you have? The photo on the left is a traditional analogue meter while the photo on the right is a smart meter. If you see digital numbers, you have a smart meter. To learn more about smart meters, watch the whistle blower documentary Take Back Your Power You can refuse the installation, […]


wi-fi laptops and more

We simply Cannot Escape Radiation from Electronics  To eliminate electromagnetic radiation from the laptop sitting on my lap, I use Harapad- it was inexpensive, I was impressed with their story and it actually stabilizes the laptop too (non-sliding)!   Harapad has been bio-medical engineered to help maintain safe levels of EFM exposure. Independent research has shown that it […]


Himalayan Salt Lamps

When heated, salt lamps emit negative ions, ionizing the atmosphere and interacting with our bio-energetic field. Natural phenomena like rainstorms, waterfalls, lightning, sunlight, ocean waves, and wind all create negative ions and that is why we feel regenerated when we are in nature.  Grounding (Earthing) – taking a walk barefoot in nature (grass, water, sand) […]


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