Disclaimer: While I will become a doctor of clinical nutrition in August 2017, I want to clarify that I am not one yet – one of the video participants already called me a doctor- my intention is not to mislead the public. I think she was saying it in anticipation of next year. See the bloopers!

Welcome to Kasia Kines’ Functional Nutrition Clinic

What is unique about my services:

Your story is important and it is heard.

You as a whole person (and not merely your disease) are the center of our work together.

As a Functional Nutritionist, I have one priority: finding the root causes of your health challenges.

We create a partnership with one goal: resolution of your health challenges and your life back.

Your nutrition and lifestyle protocol is completely customized to YOU.

…It is my philosophy that when all these components are honored, your body can begin to heal.

Welcome to My Functional Nutrition Virtual Clinic

Where you are supported no matter where you live  (our patient community is from all over the country).

My mission is to change lives one patient at a time.
Are you ready for your life to change?

Is that You?

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Are you struggling with unresolved gastrointestinal problems affecting your life that your doctors are not able to resolve?
  • Are you struggling to get real help as you’re progressively getting worse?
  • Are you tired of only getting partial resolution of your problems?
  • Have you tried many different things on your own, but nothing seems to be helping long term even though you know a lot?
  • Are you not finding the needed help and support locally where you live?

You are likely to be successful working with me if…

  • You’re willing to make your healing top priority in your life.
  • You’re willing to try things outside of your comfort zone (Yes, I know, food is personal and we are creatures of habits).
  • You’re willing to invest time, energy and resources to get better.
  • You are ready to commit and change your life NOW!

Why Consider Working with me?

I am a pioneer in Functional Nutrition and I am committed to this work. I have worked with Dr Gerard Mullin, one of the best functional gastroenterologists in the country while at Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center, caring for many of his complex patients. I had the honor to be called one of the best nutritionists he had worked with. I am currently a doctoral student of Functional Clinical Nutrition, the very first cohort of the kind. I received my nutrition graduate degree from Bastyr University, the “Harvard of Natural Medicine”, the best clinical nutrition program I could find in the country. I have seasoned experience in multiple conditions, but I specialize in and work most with complex gastrointestinal cases,  including SIBO, as well as thyroid and adrenals. Doctors regularly refer their patients to my care. I love what I do and I care deeply about each patient I work with.

Your next step is:

Are my Services Right for You?

What to Expect?


Ready to Schedule Intro Session

And I know that Kasia is the magic that makes this program work so well.~ Mary R.