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perfect for these goals:

You want to jump in for a 45 or 90 minute one on one teleconference to resolve any pressing questions that do not require a commitment to a nutrition program! There is no homework. Fast, fun, affordable, and inspirational!

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Online 7-Day Detox Program

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You are looking for the easiest, most practical and most doable no fast/no juice/no special products program that anyone can follow for just 7 days. Packed with practical pearls that will surprise you and help you feel so much better regardless of your condition! This is also very fun and inspirational program. At your pace and self directed. Private Facebook group for support.

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30 Day Detox Program

perfect for these goals:

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want the most solid and comprehensive nutrition makeover that will give you sustainable tools for the rest of your life!

We have two options:

Individual Program

Do-it-Now on Your Own

For self-starters, A personalities; you can do it all and do not need support

Group Program

Group with Kasia's personal support

For those that thrive in a small group of like minded individuals, are held accountable, and will do better with weekly live teleconferences with the group and Kasia


perfect for these goals:

You need a clinician to help you with a complete clinical assessment of your case, analysis of everything you have done so far, and a map of strategies and resources moving forward. You spend a whole day one-on-one with Kasia!


"Epstein-Barr Virus Deconstructed. 30 Days to Heal."

coming soon:

The book is in progress and will be published most likely towards the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018. Click here to learn why this book is being written.

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One-on-one Clinical Programs

perfect for these goals:

You know you have multiple issues to resolve that will take time and work together.

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If you are still not sure which service is best, then the Intro Session is for you!

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It does not matter where you live!  Our Clinic is Virtual

Am I a Good Fit for You?

  • As a doctor of clinical nutrition trained in functional medicine and functional nutrition, I help patients find the causes and resolution of their suffering, so they can get their life back. I dig deep to find the answers. We start with thorough testing and a complete assessment.
  • I treat the whole person and not a disease.
  • Your circumstances are unique, and so the Program is completely customized to YOU! I design a Program for every single patient and it evolves as we continue to learn together.
  • You are heard and supported– we work in partnership.
  • It is my philosophy that when all components of your life are honored, your body can then begin to heal.
  • I do not heal your body. Your body heals itself. Did you know that? I am a teacher, a detective, and your biggest cheer leader. Sometimes I step in as a coach if that is needed.
  • Based on my clinical experience, I do not believe that your body has betrayed you. Your immune system is NOT attacking you. It is infinitely intelligent and it is most likely fighting something in order to continue to protect you. Let me guess: a chronic viral infection that all doctors missed? That you have had on and a off for years?

Is a Functional Nutritionist a Good Fit for You? It is if:

  • You have had a viral infection like EBV before and now struggle with multiple health issues.
  • You are confused why your thyroid is still not working even though you may be on medication and labs look “normal”.
  • You are struggling with unresolved gastrointestinal problems like IBS, SIBO, leaky gut affecting your life that your doctors are not able to resolve.
  • You are struggling to get real help as you’re progressively getting worse.
  • You are tired of only getting partial resolution of your problems.
  • You have tried many different things on your own, but nothing seems to be helping long term even though you know a lot.
  • You are not finding the needed help and support locally where you live.

This is the type of work I do:

Case 1: A patient with migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic constipation, extreme fatigue, among many medical complaints, who had to quit her job because of all the health issues. After complete assessment – I requested testing. Food sensitivities were found, the culprits removed, and migraines stopped. Nutrient deficiencies were tested and nutrients addressed. SIBO test was (+) with methane and medical nutrition therapy was provided, and preventive measures were added in process. She tested (+) for chronic activated Epstein-Barr Virus – nutritional therapy helped keep the virus dormant. She tested (+) for Hashimoto’s- provided nutritional support. We did nutritional brain neurotransmitters work. She also tested for leaky gut and leaky brain and we did repair with nutritional therapy. Personalized nutritional and lifestyle protocol, one step at a time, resolved or highly decreased many of the patient’s issues. Thyroid antibodies normalized. Bowel movements and energy stabilized. Fibromyalgia pain decreased substantially. Remaining chronic issues are now manageable- e.g. if there is constipation, patient has the toolkit to address it. After finishing a 6-Month Program with me, patient now continues to rebuild her life under the care of her fabulous local functional doctor. Here is her story in her own words:

“Kasia is a lifesaver. After having a stroke in 2008 and not having any doctor or neurologist be able to tell me why I had it I started to listening to any book I could to try to figure things out. These books all suggested the same supplements and lab tests yet any doctor I went to looked at me like I was crazy for requesting these things. After a year of going to my PCM with all of my complaints and getting no relief I went into acute gastritis and the gastroenterologist told me I would be on proton-pump inhibitors for the rest of my life. Knowing that wasn’t the issue I contacted Kasia and within one month I was eating food again, not just drinking bone broth. I was so excited because she works with all of the labs that I had read about and after getting the recommended testing we were able to figure out a lot and we put my life back together. Sure the stroke had a bit to do with my health not being 100% but there is so much more to the body. She was able to help me navigate what I knew I needed to do and how to do it. No one can tell that I had a stroke and that I left the hospital in a wheelchair. I am back at work part-time and am looking into becoming a healing coach. My relationship with her will never end as I think about her at least once a week and think, wow…I should tell Kasia about this. ” Laura G

Case 2: A patient has refractory celiac, in constant pain despite being 100% gluten free, continually losing weight, and very anxious. Per studies, suspected chronic activated Epstein-Barr Virus or SIBO- requested testing both- both (+). Hashimoto’s – antibodies (+). Gallbladder had been removed: after I provided a necessary nutritional support, patient experienced her first pain free days. We addressed adrenal stress and stress management.  A personalized medical nutritional therapy was put in place for EBV/Hahimoto’s/SIBO….Tested (+) for cross-reactivity to gluten- we removed foods accordingly= less gut symptoms. Referred to visceral manipulation  for scar tissues and adhesions from surgeries and to improve ileo-cecal valve… Patient finally stopped losing weight. Case still in progress. Toxicity/Inflammation Quiz score at Intro Session was hight at 87; retake after 60 days dropped to 23. Anxiety dramatically decreased. Patient laughs more easily,feels more empowered and feels better educated. I can’t wait to see her thrive even more. We are in the middle of the 4-Month Program. Here is how she describes her experience so far:

“Working with Kasia has been a true blessing to me. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and how the gut works. She listens, is thorough, and really works hard to find the root of the problem. I would highly recomend her to any family or friend struggling with GI health. My only complaint is I wish I would have found her years ago! Holli”

Why Consider Working with me?

  • I really care and I work out of the box, going as far as I can to help patients figure out why they have not gotten better despite their best efforts. I have worked with many complicated cases, and I have been able to help many people resolve their “mysteries” of sometimes many years.
  • I take my work seriously and thus I have gone through the best available trainings in the US: Bastyr University for graduate training and Doctor of Clinical Nutrition program at Maryland University of Integrative Health, first ever cohort of functional clinical nutrition. I have been a member of Institute for Functional Medicine for several years and train there when I can.
  • I helped many patients of Dr Gerard Mullin’s, one of the best functional gastroenterologists in the country while at Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center. I had the honor to be called one of the best nutritionists he had worked with.
  • I have seasoned experience in multiple conditions, but I specialize in and work most with gastrointestinal cases, including SIBO, as well as thyroid and adrenal dysfunction. I also work extensively with viral infections, especially chronic activated Epstein-Barr Virus.
  • Doctors refer their patients to my care and other clinicians consult with me.
  • I love what I do and I care deeply about each patient I work with. Relationship with each patient is very important, so I only take on a limited number of patients at a time.

You Are Likely to be Successful Working with Me if:

  • You’re willing to make your healing top priority in your life.
  • You’re willing to try things outside of your comfort zone (Yes, I know, food is personal and we are creatures of habits).
  • You’re willing to invest time, energy and resources to get better.
  • You are ready to commit and change your life NOW!
  • If you said yes to all of the above, then I am your nutritionist! And here is your Next Step.

Would You Like to Have a Preliminary Conversation Together?

Sign up for a 45-min Intro Session teleconference with me, so you can share your story and your goals, see if I am the best fit for you, and hear my honest opinion if I can actually help you. If i cannot, let me give you some ideas, resources, suggestions or possibly referrals to help you move forward. I look forward to meeting you virtually!


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Thank you again for your help and encouragement, your clear explanation of everything, and your tender approach to help make a difference in patients lives~ R.