30-Day Detox Start Your New Year Off Right!

Everything you need to kick start a healthier you!

Have some extra weight around your waistline that you kept telling yourself you would lose over the summer?

Get control of your sugar and junk food cravings, beat the bloat, and have energy to do all the fall activities you look forward to after a hot summer!

Besides just looking great and having loads of energy our detox also helps to lift brain fog, relieve aches and pains - including headaches, muscle aches, muscle twitches, muscle cramping, numbing in your hands or legs - or stop suffering from indigestion, constipation and diarrhea.

Don't let a lack of energy or any of these symptoms strip you of your fall.... Get started now!

The Start Your New Year Off Right! Detox starts January 22nd...

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What will you get in the Jumpstart Kit?

You'll get access to some of my favorite resources that will help you get started.
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More Positive Vibes from Happy Detoxers

I was a mess, and I knew it was my diet. But…everything I knew to do was not working! Kasia worked with me to tailor a new eating plan consisting of foods I liked—AND I was not hungry. After only three weeks my headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and diarrhea are gone. My cravings are rapidly decreasing. I’m sold.

~ Julie, South Carolina

After day ONE, yes day ONE of Kasia’s 30 day Whole Foods Detox Program…I felt the difference!!! My skin improved, my concentration improved, my memory improved, my energy level is up, AND I’ve permanently released 35 pounds!!!!!!

~ DE, Owings Mills, MD

Kasia Kines’ detox program is changing my life. She teaches the why’s as well as the how’s to healthy eating, has taste-testing, a whole-foods shopping tour and she individualizes the program to fit the needs of the client. Kasia is the magic that makes this program work so well.

~ Mary R.

I lost weight, got rid of bloating, and my skin glows – but that’s not the best part! What was great was that my cravings were ELIMINATED! What a relief and what a better way to live. If you have the chance to work with Kasia, do it!

~ Ana B, Baltimore, MD

I have gained control of my digestive system for the first time in my life and regained my optimism. I have lost unpleasant gut issues, insecurities about food choices, and quite a few pounds. Kasia is extremely knowledgeable and supportive.

~ DB, Sykesville, MD

What to expect in your 30-Day Detox Program

Weekly Topics and resources are there for you!

Week Before

Setting Up For Success

Weekend Before

Kitchen Immersion

Monday Day 1

Setting Up Your Goals

Week 1

Mastering the Kitchen and Food as Medicine!

Week 2

Optimizing your Energy, Weight, and Mood: STRESS and GUT!

Week 3

Detoxification Demystified – How to Clean Inside Out!

Week 4

Anti-aging in Action: Inflammation, Oxidation, and You!

Week 5

After the Finish Line: I Missed You Cheese!

What are you waiting for?

Get your cravings, energy, aches and pains, and waistline under control and keep it that way... once and for all!

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