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"My skin improved, my concentration improved, my memory improved, my energy level is up, AND I permanently released 35 pounds!"

"Feel great, not only physically but mentally also. You have taught me to be the best I can be!"

"Kasia Kines’ Detox Program is changing my life!"

"Kasia is the magic that makes this Program work so well!"

The 30-Day Detox Program


Most likely, you have been on a few diets and tried a few “guaranteed” products or programs that made great promises. Have you spent hours online or in doctors offices trying to get to the root of your problem only to end up more frustrated and with no solutions? I am frustrated for you! It blows my mind that there are such simple things you could change to feel better and yet, no one has had the answers for you…until now!

I want you not only to get rid of all these problems, but I want you to experience what it feels like to thrive, have optimal health, and give you tools to sustain it for life. This is anti-aging in action!! That is why I created the 30 Day Detox Program – to Revitalize Your Life Forever!

Is this you now?

  • Anger that your aches and pains are not fixed despite many doctors
  • Uncontrolled sugar or junk cravings
  • Puffy and bloated feeling
  • Brain fog
  • Exhaustion, and no spark, even to the point of needing naps
  • Frustrated with food fads and the sea of contradicting information to help your health
  • You have headaches, muscle aches, muscle twitches, muscle cramping, numbing in your hands or legs, hair loss and more…
  • Constipation…diarrhea… indigestion
  • Unsightly and embarrassing spare tire around your waist that does not budge while you eat like a rabbit and kill yourself on a treadmill 2 hours a day
  • Feeling as if a truck ran you over, especially when waking up

If you said yes to any of these questions, our 30-Day Whole Foods Detox Program will give ALL the support and tools you need to resolve these issues!!! These are common challenges I have found my patients to struggle with over the years in my clinical practice and they will go! You benefit from practical and time-tested system and solutions, making your life easier, more joyful, and healthier!

This is the new you after the 30-day detox program!

  • Puffiness, gas,and bloating gone
  • Brain fog gone
  • Aches and pains gone
  • Sugar and junk cravings gone even within 1-2 days! And not coming back
  • Never starving: eating a LOT and enjoying that A LOT
  • 3pm energy slump replaced by start focused mind and steady energy
  • Anti-aging in action
  • Delicious foods and joy from eating
  • Bursting with energy all day: your Spark back
  • Pantry-Kitchen Rehabilitation for years to come
  • Deep restful rejuvenating sleep
  • Gone: constipation, diarrhea, or indigestion gone
  • Painless Pounds off: the stubborn fat melting away without extra effort of over-exercising, starving, food restrictions or dieting, in a healthy and safe manner. Yes, it does not have to be painful or difficult. You just have to be in the know!

What to expect in your 30-Day Detox Program

Weekly Topics and resources are there for you!

Week Before

Setting Up For Success

Weekend Before

Kitchen Immersion

Monday Day 1

Setting Up Your Goals

Week 1

Mastering the Kitchen and Food as Medicine!

Week 2

Optimizing your Energy, Weight, and Mood: STRESS and GUT!

Week 3

Detoxification Demystified – How to Clean Inside Out!

Week 4

Anti-aging in Action: Inflammation, Oxidation, and You!

Week 5

After the Finish Line: I Missed You Cheese!



The body talks. We just mostly do not understand its language and ignore it as “noise” and a nuisance. But it does give us warnings and calls for attention. And yet, we do not know what to do with these messages. We just feel unwell. Some of my patients only realize they never really felt great before until they take this Program and feel amazing. We get used to the aches and pains and low energy. And yet, the solutions are at your fingertips. I have them all systemized and put in this Transformational Program. These are things that have sustained my health too even through the hardest times.

If you do not learn now what you have to know and what to do about it, chances are that the aches and pains will become more serious medical conditions. And perhaps that is already happening to you. Rest assured, the right tools, the powerful foods and the support of the right supplements can finally give you not only symptom relief but also will prove to you that your body can thrive given the opportunity. My heart’s desire is to help you just like i helped so many others before you, so your body can finally shine for you – that is ALL it wants to do!!!

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Not Sure if the Nutrition Program is for you?

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I can't wait to help you create a healthier life in 2017!

What Do Others Say About the Program?

~ Darlene
~ Barb

By the time I found Kasia, I was suffering with debilitating headaches, constant unexplained fatigue, free floating anxiety, occasional diarrhea, heartburn, pain in my joints and muscles, and serious cravings for sweets or alcohol in the evenings. I was a mess, and I knew it was my diet. But…everything I knew to do was not working! Kasia worked with me to tailor a new eating plan consisting of foods I liked—AND I was not hungry. After only three weeks my headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and diarrhea are gone. My cravings are rapidly decreasing. I’m sold. I look forward to continuing my new eating plan, intelligently adding foods back that work for me, and watching the rest of my symptoms go away. Kasia Kines is an excellent nutritional coach, and I would recommend her to anyone who is not afraid of results!

~ Julie, South Carolina

Have you ever heard the phrase…”when the student is ready, the teacher will be there?” I believe that to be a universal truth! And it was certainly my experience.

My 25yrs of holistic (body, mind, spirit) studies and practices improved my life on so many emotional and spiritual levels. At the same time, I denied my physical being. My weight was at an all time high and in November of 2007, I began having chest pains. I bargained with my soul for 3 days. “Let me have time to clean up things at work before I go check this out, because I know if I go to the hospital, I’m going to be staying for a while.” On the 4th day, I was driving home from work and a commercial came on the radio. This booming voice said: “DON’T WAIT TOO LONG, it could mean the difference between a stroke and a heart attack!” I finally said, ok, ok, I’ll go in the morning. I promise!!! So, I got up, showered, packed a little emergency bag of essential items and drove myself to the hospital…and I stayed for a few days. Bottom line, my weight combined with my blood work showed impending danger. I did my best to lose weight, but I really resisted changing my eating habits over the long term. One night, out of frustration…I said to the universe, I surrender. What I’m doing isn’t working, I need something more.

Over the next few days, two friends…not one, but two, told me about the work of Kasia Kines, a holistic nutritionist. I resisted some more. I called and spoke to Kasia, and I resisted some more and even began to feel real fear about the change. Then I thought….you can ignore one message, you can’t ignore two! AND didn’t I recently ask for help?!!!

I began the program, still resistant! After day ONE, yes day ONE of Kasia’s 30 day Whole Foods Detox Program…I felt the difference!!! The student was finally ready, and this fabulous teacher showed up! ALL my cravings for chocolate, bread, red meat, and sugar went away. I asked Kasia why that happened so quickly and she said she thought my body was so starved for nutrients, that when I finally put the right foods in my body, I didn’t have to plow thru all the wrong foods to meet my body’s needs. I felt great! I’m now at the end of week 10. Obviously, I decided to continue beyond the 30 days because I felt so great. My skin improved, my concentration improved, my memory improved, my energy level is up, AND I’ve permanently released 35 pounds!!!!!! Kasia’s knowledge, holistic approach, and caring support made a tremendous difference!!!! I recommend Kasia’s program with all my heart and soul!!!!!

~ DE, Owings Mills, MD

Kasia, I just want to thank you for being passion about what you do and sharing with people who desperately need your help. Since I signed up for your detox program 9 weeks ago I must say I feel great, not only physically but mentally also, you have taught me to be the best I can be. I have learned so much about the body, good wholesome foods, vitamins, detoxifying, and toxins. I have lost weight and many of my health concerns have disappeared, people say now I have a glow, and I couldn’t agree more. I think if more people knew about your program, the country would be healthier. Your program is amazing and thank you for being there for me.

~ Love your student, 
NITA, Baltimore, MD

Kasia Kines’ detox program is changing my life. I came into the program for a variety of reasons, including my health, compassion for animals, and a desire to reprogram my taste buds. I want to become Vegan and began working toward this goal about a year ago. My goals were the same then as now and I was filled with determination. The problem was that I lacked the knowledge and ‘know-how’ to stay motivated and although I had books to help, it was not enough to create the shift I needed. Eventually I became bored with my regimen and slid back into my old ways of eating and with that, so too did my health begin to backslide. My doctor suggested I contact Kasia. In the detox program, Kasia teaches the why’s as well as the how’s to healthy eating, has taste-testing, a whole-foods shopping tour and she individualizes the program to fit the needs of the client. Kasia’s enthusiasm about the food, her work, and her clients is contagious. I am thrilled to be finding the “YUM” factor in healthy foods and the playfulness to experiment with new foods and not just prepare meals but enjoy creating beautiful, yummy plates of food. And I know that Kasia is the magic that makes this program work so well.

~ Mary R.

I lost weight, got rid of bloating, and my skin glows – but that’s not the best part! What was great was that my cravings were ELIMINATED! What a relief and what a better way to live. If you have the chance to work with Kasia, do it!

~ Ana B,G Baltimore, MD

Below is my testimonial. I am so pleased that I could go on forever but I kept it short. 6 months of eating healthy and I am actually enjoying it! I saw Kasia several times individually before I took the plunge and signed up for the 30 Day Whole Foods Detox Program. I began to lose pounds and unpleasant digestive issues after my first visit and things improved even more during the detox program. I have gained control of my digestive system for the first time in my life and regained my optimism. I have lost unpleasant gut issues, insecurities about food choices, and quite a few pounds. Kasia is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Please take the opportunity and let Kasia help you make some wonderful changes in your life.

~ DB, Sykesville, Maryland

When my husband and I were married seven years ago, my mom gave us a consultation appointment with Kasia. We also attended a cooking session that Kasia had with my mom’s friends. Chris and I led a very different lifestyle then. We were going to Red Robin, Cheeburger Cheeburger or Five Guys weekly, drank lots of soda, and loved milkshakes. Kasia never judged us, rather she gently guided us to make some healthier substitute choices. What stuck with us over the years, is that every suggestion she made, we continued to use, and she was right. So fast forward seven years to when our paths crossed again. After four years of nausea, dizziness, headaches and two brain surgeries to remove a tumor, my husband adopted a plant-based diet after watching the convincing research documented in Forks Over Knives. We continued to learn more about health and nutrition, but were often confused and overwhelmed by the vast amount of information that is often conflicting. After we both when through a bout of a horrible virus, we were desperate for peace of mind and wellness. At the same time, I was advising a friend who was dealing with an undiagnosed painful illness to see Kasia. I found that Kasia was offering a free class and suggested that we all attend that. My mom was the only one who made it, and enthusiastically shared all that she had learned. I was so grateful for the information and knew that Kasia could help us. We decided to sign up for the fall detox.

It was amazing! I loved it all and was transformed from the experience. Kasia is a warm, wonderful, loving, kind, intelligent and responsive person. She welcomed the group warmly and always took care of our bodies, minds and souls. She greeted us with tea and healthy treats as she filled our minds with research-based knowledge and wisdom. Our detox book was 177 pages, and I still use it daily. It is filled with recipes, information and guidance tailored to my health. She answered all our questions and the questions from my family and friends, too. Our private meetings were so informative, and she patiently reviewed the nutritional labels of all my supplements and food. We went on a tour of a grocery store, so I learned what was safe, and what was recommended. I learned so much! But it’s more than just the knowledge and guidance. I became a different person. I started taking good care of myself. I carry around hot tea with me, take my lunch to work in a thermos instead of using the microwave, and I cook at home all the time now. It’s so easy and delicious! Kasia believes that food should be scrumptious, healthy and easy to make. She taught me how to do it, too! I went from popping processed food into the microwave or oven to whipping up delicious, healthy meals. My husband is grateful, too, and we are learning together!

I think that is another gift that Kasia gave us. My husband is a very traditional medicine kind of guy, and I’m a strong believer in preventative and alternative medicine. Yet, we both trust Kasia. She attends conferences with doctors and knows the body inside out. She knows more about nutrition than any doctor I have ever worked with, and her research is so solid that even my husband cannot find fault. I recommend Kasia to all my friends, colleagues and even to my doctor. If you want to transform your life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better investment than working with Kasia.

~ Beth, Silver Spring

Kasia Kines’ “Detox thru Nutrition” program is transformative and worthwhile.Our office was fortunate in having the opportunity to host Kasia Kines, a clinical nutritionist with exceptional experience and breath of knowledge, as she provided her well-established “Detoxification through Nutrition” group therapy program, last month. It is a program full of practical information, shared experiences and delightful recipes, complete with a field trip to a local store to explore best alternatives while shopping. In 30 days, I was able to see 3 of my 4 personal wellness goals fulfilled, and 50% movement toward the 4th. I highly recommend this program; it will improve your health, and change your life.

~ Dr Mary Jo Fishburn, MD, Functional and Physical Medicine and Acupuncture. Towson, Maryland

Kasia Kines’ 30-day Detox Program is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. The long-term health benefits, energy and nutrition education from the program more than pay for the cost of the class. The manual for the class would easily be a best seller if published and I carry my manual with me to read and reference wherever I head out to an appointment or commute. The Nutrametrix regime, too, is worth the investment in yourself, especially the OPC3.

~ Georgia, Washington, DC


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I want you not only to get rid of all these problems, but I want you to experience what it feels like to thrive, have optimal health, and give you tools to sustain it for life. This is anti-aging in action!! That is why I created the 30 Day Detox Program - to Revitalize Your Life Forever!