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Find a Local Spring

You can visit the website to find a real natural spring near where you live. These are free – you just need to get there and bring large glass bottles to fill. And that requires frequent trips. But the rewards will be worth it. This is the cleanest water you can get. HOWEVER, keep in […]


AquaSana Shower Filter

This is by far the best quality shower case water filter I have found so far and the one I use. It is very easy to replace and does not cake like other products I have tried. Even I am able to replace it. Find One Here


PureH20™ Under Counter Installation Kit

If you have a specialty or removable kitchen faucet, you will not be able to attach the PureH20 Filter to the faucet. Instead, the filter then is moved under the sink and attached it to the separate spout that you would install in the soap dispenser near the sink. Find One Here Here is the […]


PureH20™ Countertop Water Filter

If you are looking at a particular filter to buy, make sure it meets NSF/ANSI standard 53. It is important that the filter is certified by National Sanitation Foundation, NSF International, which is a very reputable third party testing laboratory for filtration system. Pure H20 has that certification. Attached is the filter certification and all […]


Berkey Water Filters

Berkey was created for natural emergencies where there is only access to lake or river water- this filter is so reputable that such water is safe to drink after filtering through it. I would recommend a traveling Berkey (the smallest size) for travel. I packed my into the suitcase when I traveled abroad and used […]


Kasia has been an invaluable resource in helping to motivate me to get well.~ IJR