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Simple “Ask Kasia” Consultation

Ask Kasia Consultations are a service created for those special instances when you do not wish to become a patient but do have specific questions that you would like answered by an experienced functional clinical nutritionist, whether you are already ill or you want to optimize your health for a particular reason, or you are a clinician struggling with a tough case or are thinking about/starting a career in nutrition and have very specific questions about the field and the business of a clinical practice. Below are samples of perfect reasons to use this service. Simply click on the button to purchase an Ask Kasia Consultation. After successful purchase, you will be emailed a schedule link. I look forward to answering your questions and helping you move forward!


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Who benefits from this Service?

Ask Kasia Consultation is a service created for 4 groups of people:

  1. Health practitioners who need help with a particularly tough case
  2. Healthy individuals that want to optimize their health or have specific nutritional needs  but do not need a longer-term commitment
  3. Ill Individuals that need help but cannot do a longer Program and/or do not wish to become a patient but do have very specific questions.
  4. Nutrition students, nutrition students-to-be, nutritionists starting or in practice, who have specific questions related to the field, the clinical or business aspects of a successful clinical nutrition practice

Examples of a Perfect Reason to Schedule:

  • You are a nutritionist frustrated with a SIBO case.
  • You are a health practitioner with questions about better alternatives to your current protocol for a particular case.
  • You are planning a pregnancy and would like to understand what to expect in various trimesters of pregnancy in terms of needed macronutrients, vitamin and mineral needs and supplementation. You also want to optimize your health and nutrition pre-conception.
  • You are a nutrition clinician and you feel you reached a clinical plateau – and you are not sure which direction to take next to serve your patients better.
  • You would like to follow a self-started science based on-line weight loss program, but do not know where to start and what to pick.
  • You are vegetarian or vegan and want to make sure you have all the bases covered to remain healthy. You have specific questions about your diet.
  • You are a vegetarian or vegan and have concerns for pregnancy.
  • You are a baby-boomer and would like to learn what supplementations to use in future to help prevent age-related conditions or cancer in general.
  • You are a busy teacher and want to stop picking up those seasonal colds from the children again and again.
  • You are intimidated by health food stores and would like to know what is worth and not worth buying and how to shop smart without breaking a bank while getting the best quality foods.
  • You have aging parents and want to make sure that you provide them with the best supplements and the key nutrients in diet that this age group notoriously falls behind with.
  • You are thinking about the career in nutrition but are confused or conflicted about existing options, legal issues, and opportunities based on your goals (I have been there – it is a confusing field).
  • You want to optimize your supplementation or have it evaluated for your age and life style needs.

What is Included in/Needed for this Session:

  • It is recommended that you are on your computer during the session as I might be sending you needed resources/handouts/links into your email box/Vsee box as we speak.
  • Download or update Adobe Reader as we may consult over Vsee rather than the phone. This is teleconferencing.
  • Recommendations based on your age, lifestyle, and life-cycle will be provided.

What is this Service NOT Good for?

  • Ask Kasia sessions are not Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • This is not your first step to becoming my patient.

What is NOT Included in this Session?

  • There is no paperwork, preparation work, establishing a patient chart, follow up support, testing, or treatment plans.
  • I do not write up any notes from our session. I may not provide you with any written materials.
  • This is not a medical nutrition therapy consultation, but I will share my ideas with you.
  • As a result, no specific recommendations regarding your existing medical conditions can be provided.
  • The price does not include email support after the session.
  • There are no follow ups.

This service is non-refundable.

If you are interested in becoming a patient,  visit Start Here page instead and schedule Intro Session there.

If you are already a patient and wish to buy more Medical Nutrition Therapy sessions, please contact us directly with you email you already have for our current Get-Back-on-Track Programs.

Additional information

Session Length

45 minutes, 90 minutes


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Not only is she an excellent nutritionist but a very caring person as well. I would recommend Kasia to any of my friends or family.~ Barbara G.