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Why I Consult with Health Professionals

I am a clinician. However, I am also acutely aware of serious challenges in the medical system  making it more difficult for our doctors to do what they do best – take care of their patients, have enough time for them, and provide the best care they can.

I know wellness. I know it works because I work it with my patients. My mission over the years evolved from just helping one patient at a time, and helping one ill patient takes time, so I can only reach so many patients. But by helping health professionals help their patients, I can make a much bigger impact on the current state of medicine.

My mission in not only to change the world by helping one patient at a time but also to help change how medicine is practiced one health practitioner at a time; my goal is to provide customized wellness solutions for their clinics and their patients.

I became a medical marketing consultant because what breaks my heart is that doctors are going bankrupt, closing practices, and have to compromise quality time with their patients in order to even pay themselves a salary. If you are a patient, you know it! Many health providers may be interested in more wellness and fewer medications for their patients, but they have no time to train, no support, and no know-how –  they would not know where to start, and many are already overwhelmed with work. Doctors need a turn key system that works well for them and their patients!

Benefits of Consulting with me:

  • Turn-key solutions
  • 100% customized to the needs, goals, vision and mission of the health provider
  • Instantly available e-commerse for patients
  • Standardized, systemized, proven many times clinically and fiscally
  • Implementation is extremely sensitive to the clinic’s unique challenges
  • Health provider does not have to work more hours: we utilize existing flow and train staff if that is available (staff incentives are optional)
  • My service provides a long term value and a long term relationship
  • A variety of services and products – available to fit any type of practice
  • Cont. ed. hours approved by AMA are available for the health provider
  • Last but not least: our consulting is always free to the health provider!

If you know great doctors that are looking for better outcomes for patients and more sustainable business model that provides patient education and support in health and wellness solutions for their practice and their patients, we will be happy to schedule a 15-minute appointment to see what the needs are and if our company can meet their needs.

If you are a clinician that is looking for a more wellness-centered clinical practice, do not hesitate to contact us. Perhaps you are an acupuncturist or a massage therapist, but you really have a dream of a more well-rounded wellness clinic. Our services may be a great match for you as well.

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And, in the process, my overall health and nutrition has increased dramatically!~ Jason