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Welcome to the clinical track of Epstein-Barr Virus Educational Institute

4-month online Clinician EBV Training Program starts November 13!!!

My Mission

My mission is to help YOU, frustrated functional clinical and integrative nutritionists and other licensed clinicians that are currently seeing clients but who are hitting the wall with complex cases of autoimmune and gastrointestinal conditions or EBV to be able to move your patients out of chronic pain, fear and anxiety and finally improve their condition and quality of life. That is why I created the clinical track of Epstein-Barr Virus Educational  Institute.

What other clinicians say:

Dr. Kines has deep clinical expertise in the field of integrative and functional nutrition.  While long a digestive expert, Kasia has deeply researched into the depths of chronic Epstein Barr Virus and how many of our patients/clients who suffer from mystery conditions can be helped by going down this pathway.  If you have patients/clients who are stuck, Dr. Kines mentoring can help.  As Dr. Abram Hoffer said, ‘If a patient has seen more than 3 physicians, nutrition is probably the medical answer.”

Liz Lipski, PhD, CNS, CCN, CHN http://lizlipski.com

“Dr. Kasia Kines is one of the most brilliant, and importantly – clinically experienced – functional nutritionists in the world.  She has a depth of understanding of biochemistry, food, and patient care.  I highly recommend learning from her – especially in the areas of chronic viral infections, SIBO, for better understanding how to unravel the health challenges of patients with chronic, complex conditions.  She is a compassionate mentor who will teach you a lot!”

Dr. Jessica Drummond, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, DCN, CCN, PT

Founder of Integrative Women’s Health Institute and Integrative Pelvic Health Institute


CAEBV can be expected in “chronic illness, which cannot be explained by other
disease processes at diagnosis”. (Okano et al., 2005)

Learn more about my clinical EBV journey here

Is that YOU?

You are licensed to provide individual clinical support to your patients/clients and you are currently working with them

You need a mentor for your current tough cases

You are committed to your clients:

You always want to do what’s best and what’s right. But at certain point, you know there is something you cannot pinpoint that prevents you from moving your clients forward. I was there, and I so wish I had access to an experienced clinician. I knew I was missing something and I just did not have the right support to get there.

I will help you save time and frustration and help you think out of the box, so you can finally provide the right solution to your clients! Bring your case to the group forum so that we can help you with it.

You do not miss the next big medical frontier

We are all caring and insightful clinicians on a quest to help our clients live their lives. We have seen celiac finally come to public attention. Then SIBO awareness began to grow, and more recently the same happened with Hashimoto’s. Patients now have global access to new medical information, often free, and they expect us to be current on it. BUT, there is one territory that still causes a horrific devastation in human life, with literally NO hope given to those that suffer it, and as of this time, only Medical Medium book by Anthony William has shed the light on it. That condition is Chronic Activated Epstein-Barr Virus (CAEBV).

I am here to help you with your current complex client cases, which may include CAEBV because I have successfully helped my own clients with EBV.

You get overwhelmed

with the layers of complexities and all the wonderful tests the clients have done and diets they have tried.

I help you prioritize and make it relevant and doable for the clients, so your work is even more meaningful and effective for them.

You are getting frustrated with all the clinical dietary trends your clients follow

There are conflicting diets that are thrown at us periodically by various clinical groups, individual clinicians, individual doctors, celebrities, some of whom published books and marketed nutrition programs to the global market, and some of whom have limited or no clinical training but created all this based on their experience of a particular diet that changed their lives.

But few nutritionists have worked with food throughout these dietary trends clinically to have a good foundation and a sound core to draw from. Do not become a one diet pro, like a “paleo-dietician” or a “vegan nutritionist” even though it can be lucrative because at a given time that is what people are looking for, unless this is truly the only aspect of nutrition you ever want to work with long term.

I will help you customize the appropriate foods for each of your clients as they need it at this time and moving forward. I will provide tools to find the sweet spot for the client and trouble shoot and gain clarity with presenting food issues.

You want to know what is behind some of your tough cases

At least in some of them, it will be chronic activated Epstein-Barr Virus. You may even suspect viral infections, but you do not know what needs to be tested and even worse, how to interpret the tests and you know there is little help medicine has to offer at this time. This is very frustrating, and I was there too. I will never forget the few specific patients I could not quite help all the way- it was heartbreaking. Now I understand they had CAEBV. I have since dedicated my clinical work to EBV- and sure enough the more they test for EBV, the more EBV we find. I have dedicated myself to research, writing, creating and improving on EBV protocols for patients, creating an online recovery program for EBV, and I have watched with tears in my eyes people that suffered for years come to life. I do not know of many clinicians that support people that chronically suffer from EBV. My mission is to teach you what I know.

This mentorship group gives you the rare opportunity to tap into the EBV work I have done and are still doing for the benefit of many clients you have now and will work with in future. I can’t wait to share with you how you can help these suffering individuals turn their lives around. You will learn when to look for it, what tests to suggest, and how to read the results. You will provide an answer to the evasive medical mystery that caused your client to live in pain, fear, and anxiety.

Expect that at least some of your complex cases to be CAEBV. Now that the Medical Medium book is the best seller, patients are asking to be tested and they are looking for clinicians that can help them with it. It is the first time that they have some hope. 95% of global population has antibodies to EBV. Some of them will develop CAEBV that will affect their lives. More research is pointing to EBV’s involvement in cancer. Research community recognizes the horror of this condition and its impact and is now looking into the development of a global vaccination. This is a serious condition.

What I have found is that nutritional therapy, lifestyle modification, patient education and empowerment as well as a very smart supplement antiviral nutrient-based therapy have a new healthy life to offer the patients if done intelligently and carefully. I do not want you to miss the opportunity to help them. You have a potential to save a life. That is an amazing tool!

What the Program includes:

  • 8 live tele-conferences – one every other week; approximately 4 months total
  • All aspects of EBV known to research: how it is contracted, activated, reactivated and modulated
  • Learning how to assess if your patients have CAEBV or history of EBV
  • A whole-person comprehensive anti-EBV Protocol that includes very specific lifestyle, environmental, and dietary guidelines
  • A unique, strategic and very effective research-supported supplementation protocol that is further customized to a patient
  • Research- supported testing and lab result interpretation- we will discuss which of your current complex patients may have underlying CAEBV and should be tested
  • Long-term strategies for the patients
  • A limited group size, so you have a chance to share your complex cases, get all questions answered, test your patients, and share test results
  • Cofactors and co-infections associated with EBV
  • Further customization per the needs of the group
  • The curriculum includes my personal cases
  • A copy of my EBV book (due out December 2017)

Why take this Program?

Our clients and patients no longer come to a functional clinician with a simple one-layer complaint. They are sicker, more complicated, in more pain, and with more anxiety and fear about their future. They probably have seen a few medical doctors already and have done lab testing in vain. They come to you and you do not want to fail them, but some cases can be overwhelming and it is really lonely professionally to do what you do.

I know because I have been there. My mission is to support the functional practitioners like you that are looking for answers for the more complicated cases.

Would you like to join our 4-Month Clinician EBV Training Program?

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Dr. Kasia Kines, Nutritionist, CEO and founder of EBV Educational Institute
Seattle offices at 6016 NE Bothell Way, Suite G, Kenmore, WA 98028
Virtual clinic serving the US and globally

I am not a medical doctor and i do not claim to treat or cure any disease. This program is for educational purposes only.

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