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Getting Started means the Intro Session

I offer 4,6, and 10-Month Programs as part of my services and commitment to you. I will spend hours behind the scenes  outside of our consultations working on your case. My work as a functional nutritionist delves deep into your patient history uncovering root causes, which most likely took you years to develop. The causes when revealed and unraveled are carefully examined and targeted solutions are chosen to create renewed health and harmony in your body and mind.  My commitment to your wellness requires dedicated, singular focus on the cause. This process typically takes 6-12 months and in come cases even 2 years.  Since I spend a lot of time on each case with each patient, I have a limited number of patients I can serve at a given time. The Intro Session is a necessary first step as it will help us assess if we are a good fit to work together before we both make a long-term commitment.  I encourage you to schedule the Intro Session after you browse through the website and feel it is the right thing to take the next step.

I Use the Best-Existing Nutrition Models to Serve You

I am a licensed nutritionist, trained in Functional Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine.  Functional Medicine is a new paradigm in medicine and looks for causes rather than matching a medication to a symptom. It combines science and biochemistry, and honors the interdependence of all organ systems, communicating with one another. As a Functional Medicine practitioner and Functional Nutritionist  I am  trained to listen and take a very detailed history of each patient, taking time creating a case and  customize nutrition and lifestyle protocol. This is the best medicine model that fits the complex medical reality of many of our patients. Functional Nutrition is the backbone of medicine and of Functional Medicine. Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine work. To read more about what Functional Medicine is, why we need it and how it is different, click here to read what The Institute of Functional Medicine says.

Do I work with Your Condition(s)? Here are the conditions I work with.

Why I think I Can Help You:

  • Professional training and commitment to continued education:
  • Food is Medicine; finding the best foods for your needs can have a profound effect on your health
  • Up to 80% of chronic medical conditions may be linked to nutrient deficiencies- finding out what nutrients you are lacking is paramount; e.g., we are notoriously lacking minerals, which are needed for hundreds of enzymatic reactions that will NOT proceed otherwise, and that alone can cause a host of health challenges
  • Up to 80% of the immune system is in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Up to 80% of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of happiness, is made in the GI tract; B vitamins, the brain-food and anti-depressant vitamins, rely on a healthy gut to be absorbed; therefore, the gut health restoration is paramount for your brain to work
  • What works: a unique combination of nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, nutrigenomics, epigenetics, and quantity and quality of time spent on each patient’s case “studying” it


Prices are not listed on the website. They are discussed during the Intro Session based on how complex you medical history is, how long you have been ill, just how ill you have been, and the time we both think it will take to resolve your problems. It takes time to do detailed investigative work in order to find the cause of an ailment, test for it, create your unique treatment plan for it, and then implement, monitor and adjust how the body responds. It requires partnership and a commitment on your and my part – in other words, we are a team.  We will decide on the best Program to fit your needs and the price will follow.

Programs Benefit You Better

I do not offer one time medical nutrition appointments. I only work with Programs. It probably makes more sense to you now as you have just read how involved our work together will be. I had worked with the one-session-at-a-time approach for several years when I realized that I was actually setting my patients up for failure. Work was interrupted, life got in the way, progress stalled, focus scattered, and patients’ life’s interruptions prevented us from getting the degree and depth of progress they deserved that I am getting now when working within Programs. Programs give me an opportunity to see my patients recover, change their lives and fly! This is truly the only way to practice nutrition if we are after best outcomes.

The Purpose of the Intro Session

Scheduling a 45-minute Intro Session is your next step if you would like to see if we are a good fit to work together and if I can actually help you. We will review your medical history and your health goals.  I need to ensure that your needs are within my scope of practice and experience and you are a good medical fit for me, while you want to make sure that I have the skills you need and that I am a good fit for you.  I will answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We will also determine together which Program is most appropriate for your needs and if a payment plan is in order. There is no obligation to hire me at the end of the Intro SessionIt is perfectly fine if you are not comfortable with me and do not wish to move forward. If we do start a Program together, $50 of what you paid for the Intro Session will be credited towards the Program.

I may be able to refer you or provide some guidance to help you move in the right direction. I hope I may still provide you with some helpful information. For the healing process to occur, it is so important to have a positive working relationship together, with good communication and a connection. It is also very important that the way I work virtually will also work for you – it may NOT. We both need to be comfortable working together. You have to find the best fit for you. I have to make sure I can actually help you. If we decide against working together, I am confident that our conversation will still benefit you.

Not ready for the Intro Session?

Before moving forward, I encourage you to spend some time visiting “Praise”, “FAQ”, reviewing my Qualifications and Philosophy, or checking the Labs I use to help find root causes of patients’ ailments (“Lab Testing”).

Ready for the Intro Session?

How to Schedule the Into Session:

Purchase your 45-minute Intro Session

Upon a successful purchase, you will be emailed a link to schedule our session along with two forms. Please read the first form. Fill out the second form and email it back together with Toxicity Quiz using the email you received with the schedule link. I look forward to talking to you!

That you understand and can work with my particular dietary needs and wants is a real treat.~ Jason