Aloe Vera Juice: A Functional Medicine Secret Weapon


Aloe Vera Juice - A Functional Medicine Secret Weapon

Last week we shared a recipe for our favorite Satisfying Healthy Soda. The secret ingredient to punch up the health factor was Ultimate Aloe Vera Juice by Nutrametrix. We listed off some of the impressive nutrients you can find in Aloe Vera Juice but wanted to give you some more reasons why you should add […]


Suffering from Headaches at the Grill or Bonfire?


Suffering from Headaches at the Grill or Bonfire? | Kasia Kines - Functional Medicine

Pay attention to a burning fire, whether it is from wood or pallets.  Do you get headaches at the grill, by a bonfire, or home by the wood-burning fire?  That may mean that you have a particular Gene SNP (a genetic alteration you were born with), due to which your enzyme for breaking down and […]


Shower Water Filter Replacements


Shower Water Filter Replacement | Kasia Kines - Functional Medicine

Bad News: Nutrametrix no longer carries our favorite shower filter I have bad news and good news. Bad news is that Nutramerix has phased out my (our) favorite showerhead water filter because the product did not sell well enough over the years.  It is the best filter I have ever found. If people are not […]


Dear Kasia, I wanted to write to tell you what an enormous change your nutritional counseling has made in both my husband’s and my lives.~ A.P.